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Beach bum

rain 30 °C

I am in mountanous south of Cambodia in a cozy little village called Sihnoukville. The town is surrounded by hills, islands and white sand beach. It is quiet and piecefull here. Scott and I jog along the 2km beach daily while the rain cools us down. It is mostly rainy here but it's great beach weather, playing futbol and valleyball in the warm rain with Cambodians is a lot of fun. The waves are crazy high here due to storm weather and obviously I went body surfing to catch some crazy flights to the shore.
We checked out a Russki restaurant called the snake house yesterday. Leave it to the Russians to eat with snakes, lizzards, crocodiles and baby mice as snake food all around. The atmosphere is pretty sweet, it feels like a 5 star restaurant serving blinchiki (creapes) with red caviar, seliodka, and our best favorite borsch with garlic followed by pelmeni!!! The food was toP notch but pricey for cambodian standards. 
Today we are going exploring on scooters around town and away. Might even make it to Koh Kong (google) which is around 200km away.

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The killing fields



I always like to write about positive topics but this is an exception. I have read about Cambodian history, and what the country and it's people have gone through but nothing prepared me for the what had happened during Pol Pot's reign. Between 1975 and 1979 The slaughter of over 3 million Khemers by the Khemer Rouge. Destroying temples, schools, hospitals, and sending the country back into the stone age.    
Visiting The killing fields,  the first sight is a stupa dedicated to the thousands buried in the mass graves here. Inside the stupa are the thousands of skulls of the people who were murdered here. What makes this genocide more horrific than the many in this world, is that the Khrmer Rouge were ruthless.  They didn't kill with bullets, they killed their own brothers and sisters by beating them with axes, bats, knives, clubs. They buried people alive, mothers lay with their babies in the graves. [warning: the next part is graphic] The KR believed that the chieldren might one day grow up and take revenge, so the Khemer Rouge killed babies by holding their legs and smashing their heads against a tree.
Pol Pot was never tried, he was in exile in Thailand and died from natural causes. A few of his gang members are still alive and are facing justice. 

I will take a moment of silence for those who lie at Choeung ex and those 3 million Cambodians who have parrished.

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A few photos to spice things up.


Click on my public gallery (top left menu) to see the latest photos.

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Round 2


Ok round 3. I had been training muay Thai at the gym for 5 out of the 6 days. Somewhere along my training I agreed to some free western boxing lessons with an Irish pro trainer. He trained me for 1.5 hours each day and we would spar after for 15-30 minutes.
My third time boxing, the trainer got me to spar wth him in the ring at some point the punches got a little hard which was good until I got smacked in the rib while breathing in. As fighters would know, your muscle tends to relax when you breath in. So long story short, Im in recovery mode the last 2 days. Apparently the bruised rib takes 2 weeks to heal, so im taking it easy, hanging out at the navy camp beach.

Next we will be off to Cambodia by bus. The road leads from Bangkok to the Cambodian border city of poipEt where we will most Likely spend the night and head over to siem riep thereafter to visit Angkor way and the surrounding temples. The road will then lead south to a village of koh Kung near the mountains.

I will try posting some pics asap.


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Kombat village pattaya

Muay Thai & Krav Maga


We scootered over about 15 minutes outside of pattaya to Kombat Village, our Muay Thai training camp for a while. The first impressions of the place was just like the Fight club from the movie, fight club. The gym has 2 boxing rings and an MMA cage. most fighters are training on punching bags and inside the ring with a number of trainers.

We had our first lesson on Saturday. THe trainer was a tough fghter. He trained me in the proper muay Thai stance, kicks, punches and blocks in about a 4 hour lesson. The lesson cost... just 15$!!


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Scott loses his scooter key


<<pardon the grammer I am using the itouch autocorrect>>
We decided to rent scooters and head out of pattaya. The first rental place didn't want to rent to Scott because he didn't know how to turn te bike on.  the Thai guy, who was renting the bike to us, went ballistic on Scott for not being able to ride the bike...

We go to another rental place... Get the bikes..
Scott is riding the bike standing, then gets on the sidewalk for a surprise sideways fuk up ur bike move.

Anyhow intact,  We adveture out to a remote beach around 1.5 hours east of Pattaya. The beach was randomly located on a military base.  We got checkpointed twice on the way through the base and only then realized thAt it was a millitary training camp.  We were required to leave ID with the soldiers up front. After driving trough the camp for a about 20 minutes we had arrived at yet another checkpoint, this one leading us to a mountain road towards the beach area. After dropping 60 Baht they lifted the gate and off we drove on the a narrow, sharp turn road with nothing but cliffside jungles to the right.  
We arrived at the most beautiful beach in the middle of two mountains on each side. The water is clean in the area, The area has no tourists. It was about 5pm.  

Just as the sun was going down and we had declared this a great adveture at pattaya....

Scott: yo I can't find my key
Eug: u left it on the chair man
Scott: yo send your phone this way so I can use it as a flash light?
<<2 hours later>>
Eug: dude fix your brain!
Scott: fuk we're stuck here.. 

Tune in next post for more adentures

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To pattaya

Bangkok an amazing city that never sleeps. It feels as if there were a morning shift from 9am-6pm and then the nightlife crews come out until 7am.  Go Go dancers, lady boys, beer huts, liquer stands, ex pats with Thai girls, random street meat vendors BBQing everything from dogs and cats to beetles and spicy soups. The streets are packed with ex-pats, tourists, motorbikes, taxis, dogs, food and liquer it's all a big soup. 

It feels as if eveyone is trying to sell you a naughty, soapy, Thai massage, taxi rides to cross the street, bbq street meat, toys not worth mentioning and the numerous pimps selling Thai girlfriends for the week.

I hear pattaya is even crazier so I'm headed there now.  

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Muay Thai training


For the next mission, I am planning on joining a Mui Thai/ BJJ (Bazilian JIu Jitsu) camp starting for 1 week and possibly extending to a month. Doing my research right now about the best camps to stay at.

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Off to Phucket



Same day, flght booking to phuckett  1200 baht. 

Same day resort booking at Patong beach 500 baht. 

White sand beach, mountains, cheap liquer, good company and constant street harassment ... Priceless

will be off to phucket town and ferry over to Ko phi phi... James bond island tmrw.


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